Nigeria and South African Fashion Designers Exhibition Week 2020

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This Exhibition will create great solutions if supported, in the areas of Job creation, Poverty Alleviation which have been ravaging the whole of African continent,If there is market for the cotton farmers, the young people will have great interest to embrace farming and cotton production/ processing for a lively hood thereby increasing the GDP of the African Economy and also there will be crime reduction. During the fashion exhibition there will be Master Classes, Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering of hundred Women and Youths with industrial sewing tools, there is this saying that "when a woman is empowered the society is safe".

We are also going to empower some of the fabrics manufacturers with modern processing equipment to make there work easier with quality and quantity production and also create a variable market for them, by providing avenue where they can showcase there brands and compete in the international world of fashion. We believe that if we win this competition it will really move many African families out of poverty.



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