NionesheApp solves cost rent stop fraud connect Community to affordable home

About Solution

NionesheApp is a mobile application which helps you to be connected directly to the landlord, hostel owner, hotels free without charging you if you're new customer. It eliminates fraudness or theft from middle men or auctioneer and broker. It is solving the problem of high renting spaces also this Application gives information concerning the house or offices or hostels and hotels  you want to rent.Also It simplifies the accessibility of renting spaces by providing you details by using a mobile application. You need to have smartphone to enjoy this NionesheApp.

We get profit by charging an affordable price of USD $1 for premium service which provides more informations about the renting spaces.

We also plan to provide training on how customers can use our application upon the launching of our application. Our team is very committed and is made up of 5 people with different expertise. We have a Software Engineer, Marketing Officer, Legal Officer, Business Strategist and a System Analyst.

Our target market currently is urban Tanzania.

We did survey to test the applicability of our Application where by more than 500  members of Community reacted accordingly.Majority of people in my Community think this Mobile Application is the best Solution to their problem  are facing them when they have problem of renting home.In my community  if  people want to get house they have  to use  middle men but most of middle men in my country are not trustful they charge higher cost than normal.Sometime those middle limite applicant not see the landlord.If applicant cash them money they may not help applicant as they have agreed .To solve this problem we decided to innovate new mobile Application called NionesheApp to remove fraud and to simply life of Applicant by connecting applicant free to affordable home or spaces with landlord or owners who offer affordable home.



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