NNACHET FARMS (Food Production and Empowerment Trainings)

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Nnachet Farms is a farming venture and agriculture training centre where youths are equip with necessary agric-skills to be self-reliant in life.


Our solutions to provide healthy and sustainable food for all are grouped into three areas:

  • Integrated fish, snail, piggery, poultry, vegetable and crop farming systems. These systems would promote organic farming through product and waste reuse and recycling.For example: wastes from the vegetable and crop farms would be utilized to produce animal feeds, while the poultry and piggery dungs and waste-waters from the fish farm would be used to irrigate the crop and vegetable farms. Also the pig and poultry dungs would be used to fertilize the fish pond and grow maggots and other aquatic insects used in feeding the fish, while the fish meal and fish oil from the fish farm would serve as essential materials in producing feeds for all the animals.
  • Empowerment training of youths, women and local farmers. These would equip youths and women with many agricultural skills to be self-reliant. Major focus areas include:
    • Various animals, crops and vegetables farming.
    • Animal feed production using cheap and local materials.
    • Processing and packaging of various agric-products such as: dried fish and meat; plantain, yam, potatoes and cassava flour; potatoes and plantain chips; palm oil and fish production.
    • Integrated and sustainable farming through organic and waste recycling methods as explained in 1. above.
  • Also, the concepts of family farming, digital and affiliate marketing for sustainable modern agribusinesses would be promoted through various seminars and training programmes

Project ImpactS

  • Direct/Indirect Employment Creation: Nnachet Farms would employ some individuals and equip many with skills to be self-employed/employable.
  • Youth Development/Empowerment: The trainings would empower youths with skills to become Lights of the Nation.
  • Crime Reduction: People would be equipped with skills to be useful to themselves and the society.
  • Decrease in Cost of Feeding/Production: Through our trainings, many farmers would start producing feeds for their livestock, thereby, minimizing the exorbitant cost of feeds purchase. Consequently, this will lead to low cost of production and reduction in price of farm products.
  • Food Security: There will be increase in crop and animal food production and supply.
  • Production of Scarce Raw Materials/Medical/Health Products: such as our snail meat, fish oil, and other medicinal plants.



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