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Affordable Solar Powered Cooling and Sustainable Electric Transportation The mission is to enable economic, social and health development by supplying entrepreneurs and SMEs with the means to create lucrative businesses for themselves and us, while improving cold chain infrastructure, reducing food waste and improving availability to fresh food.

The business model is configured around a franchise company to be created for each individual solar powered container.

Reduce or Eliminate Post Harvest Waste

An omnipresent problem in Sub-Saharan agriculture is the loss of between 65-80% of entire crop harvests lost to waste because of heat damage due to unaffordable, malfunctioning or simply non-existent cooling. Similar problems exist for poultry farmers.

Norse Star aims to change this by improving the Cold Chain infrastructure in both capacity and affordability aspects, for rural, suburban and urban environments. By supplying cold storage facilities and ice to smallholder farmers the cold chain infrastructure from rural farm to urban markets will ensure healthier food and less waste.

In addition Norse Star will market electric bikes, 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled, that will enable farmers to get their produce to more markets faster in order to avoid spoilage.

Locally Sourced Renewable Energy Powered Cooling

Sustainable and economic solar powered cooling, built locally at a fraction of the price of an imported equivalent product, will be offered and deployed to a network of franchise partners in rural and suburban areas through Norse Stars franchise concept.

This will enable low income entrepreneurs, many times women, to take part of the accelerating economic development as franchisees while also creating jobs at our production plant.

Investment in Norse Star Norse Star is seeking investment for establishing a manufacturing plant in the Thiès region in Senegal. The company is registered with the appropriate authorities and has established legal representation and auditory services. Norse Star has been assigned an administrator at the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Works (APIX).

Furthermore, direct and extended business networks of the company directors and associates, in the region and also in connected industries facilitates the setting up of the international manufacturing and trading company.



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