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Cold fissy nuclear power plant with direct electrical current

Recycling of nuclear waste


The problem

Use of the nuclear power plants is on a wrong way and has raised many concerns since the early beginnings. It would be desirable to stop them immediately because of their increased danger of their environmental pollution. However, even in this case, the radioactive waste that they have produced till now, has an adverse effect on planetary ecosystem for many thousands of years.

We must mention the reactor accidents also, that have been happening for many years, and will continue to damage our lives for many years, not only on the continents but in the oceans too.

The further disadvantage of the hot fissy reactors is the use of obsolete technology as no electricity is produced directly through the fission but hot water, and that steam operates electric generators.

However, at a single fission, 95,4 GeV energy will be released, which will be almost unused! Of course, it is not electrical energy but electromagnetic resonance. This resonance creates an induction space that has not been able to be directly immersed and transformed into electrical energy due to the high temperature.

The hot fission reactors for energy production has a dead end, cause of the unimaginable amount of loss incurred due to the high heat.

A further hindrance to the good solution is the earlier erroneous atomic models, the mistake of the energy equation of Einstein, the wrong base of the geophysics and the erroneous theories about the chemical bonds (wrong Quantum chemistry). What further, we have erroneous knowledge about the neutrinos (wrong Quantum mechanic) also.

Sustainable development goals

The current ecological crisis calls for a quick solution as the handling or recycling of accumulated nuclear waste is still unresolved. The way in which wasted fuel is stored is getting worse.


The concept

Our goal is to replace the hot fissy power plants with a cold-fission solution that generates direct electrical energy using spent nuclear isotopes as energy source.

In this technology, the induction space on the irradiation of the fuel isotope is used to excite one or more coils, resulting in electric current being generated on the coil terminals. The power of the current depends on the diameter of the wire, coil size and coil count of the excited coils. The heating of the coils is limited by an oil bath.

Operational process

By taking the coil in induction space an electric current is induced, which appears at the ends of the copper wire. During the cold fission of radioactive isotopes, an electromagnetic field has induced what field generates electricity in a coil placed near it, if we put an oscillator in the middle of the coil.



In the chain reaction, when atomizing a single nucleus, formed 175.8 GeV electromagnetic forces and 171.2 GeV microwave induction. The latter results a high temperature. If we do not start the chain reaction, we only use the half-life of the isotope, this energy is much lower, but the operation of the power plant becomes more secure with magnitude.

In this case 95.4 GeV electromagnetic field and approx. 3 GeV microwave induction is created, the heat of which is relatively easy to handle. Immediate transformation of the generated electromagnetic field is the real solution, cause the most critical factor of the currently used power plants is the free neutrinos are released. These neutrinos, tau and muon radiation primarily appear in the form of geoneutrinos in nature, and stimulate the constant heating of the magma. (Source: )



It should be mentioned that current geophysical knowledge does not extend to the explanation of the heating of the magma, so it is impossible for mankind to discover the relationship between the reactors and the planet's heating. For this reason, science, especially nuclear physics, was unable to detect the increased danger of reactors. The further excitation of the permanent heating of the magma has now brought the state of the volcanoes and the tectonic activity of the planet to a critical state.

The false operational theory of planets makes it impossible to discover the passable path, so it is important to put our geophysical knowledge at a new fund!

During the planetarization, the new star creates an accretional disk, where star dust-seeds are formed.

The seeds are thickened by cold fusion and form a super-mass nucleus of planets, which can accumulate additional powdery dust around. The core schould be a moon size (in case the size of the planet Jupiter) and may contain atoms with 1000 atomic masses. This supermass core forms part of the planetary inertial system, and therefore rotates at its own velocity around its own axis (spin) while circling around the central star. Unused star dust goes further to the outer edge of the system, while cores are formed with smaller size, but with the same mass. After the stability of the cold fusion of the seeds spontaneous fission is started.

It follows from the above that the core of the formed planets is a fissy reactor,  and our planet is not an exception!

In the reactors are neutrinos released whose energy is almost immediately added to the planet's own nuclear energy, thus increasing the temperature of the magma and increasing the tectonic activity.            

Environmental effects

In addition, thousands of new volcanic islands are born in the depths of our oceans, which will soon change the geological structure. Magma warming increases instead of cooling. Tectonics plates are in continuous motion and subduction raises mountains on the bottom plate. Because of the birth of the islands, the ocean level may rise. The process is like shoveling sand in water of a pool. 

My theory offers a solution that addresses the adverse effects of human activity on several levels. 


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