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More than two billion people globally nearly one person in three have daily diets that lack sufficient vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, iron, and zinc, which are essential to health Known as “hidden hunger,” these deficiencies lead to blindness, stunting, cognitive impairment, disease, and death(Harvest Plus). Many diets, especially those of rural communities, contain insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals due to lack of variation and/or consumption of predominantly processed foods.

Malnutrition is a major problem in Nigeria as the staple diets are, fufu, flour, edita iwa, (chips made from cassava), with little protein and very few vitamins. However, most of the varieties currently grown by women farmers are low yielding, with little protein and very few vitamins. In Nigeria, cassava already plays an important role in food security, but the yellow varieties have the potential to alleviate vitamin A deficiency. Our innovation addresses the needs of mothers by improving access to locally produced, low cost fortified flour. Nutri-Meal is an environmentally sustainable social enterprise that provides training to build cassava farms, improve nutrition, and turn them into vitamins-rich flour that can be incorporated in local staple foods or sold to bakeries and markets.

The primary problems this project addresses is chronic malnutrition among the rural poor in Nigeria ,lack of job opportunities, environmental degradation and enhanced sustainable life opportunities and general poverty situation.



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