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It is common knowledge that globally, farmers around the world produce more food than can feed every one of the 7 billion people currently on the planet.

One major challenge has always been the lack of transportation which also affects the quality of food that gets to the urban areas from the farms which are mostly in the rural areas.

Our solution is this:

Create dehydrator hubs in every geopolitical zone across Nigeria. As close as possible to farms. So that it would require less to get the foods dried and then take to the urban areas where much more can be gotten for the price of those items.

We would preserve tonnes and tonnes of food annually in places where this can be deployed. It has been practiced in many climes including Asia and Europe and there are good reviews for this model.

Currently, we use electrical dehydrators and we get people coming in to use our appliance while we also produce our own dried products.

Dehydrators are only limited only by your imagination, the modern day food dehydrator has been designed to dry a diverse range of fruits, legumes, tubers and vegetables, for even and consistent drying and safer preservation.

Most farmers will make more money when the have more products. Post-harvesr waste would be greatly reduced as well. Chances for food export are then higher.

Dried foods have versatile uses and can also provide nutrients to those who are malnourished, more easily.



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