OBER Security

About Solution

Ober Security address the challenges by provide :

1- A new generation of  protection approved as a patent for  a  new update in security meassures around the world

2- Ober Security provide Jobs with a new system for salaries per hour 

3-  Ober Security provide Knowledge of awareness and what to be done in time of emergenecies situations 

4- Ober Security provide security and safety services for clients needs

5-Ober Security provide family and kids protection from threaths 

6- Ober Security provide systems home protection

7-Ober Security provide a private investigators and survellience

8- Ober Security provide wife security protection ring with panic bottom

9-Ober Security provide service for accompaniment disabilities

10-Ober Security provide bracelet protection service

11- Ober Security provide a circle of Trust between the people the private security  sector and the people to be able to dicover the threaths in early stage so the police and army can defeat the terrorists.



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