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In developing countries, justice is often decided by corruption or mis-information. Legal help is too costly to pursue, with a lack of ability to prove facts to a higher authority. When people have the chance to communicate the challenges they’re facing, we can provide them more opportunities for justice in a fairer World.

It starts by giving them an Identity that only they can control or access, issued onto their Mobile Device. With it, they can capture the World around them, and publish this information. We do this inside our Mobile App, which then allows User's to sign audio, video, images and documents
then publish and later certify it whenever needed.

Using blockchain, we can prove that this person, took this evidence, on this device, at this time and location; an incredibly powerful concept that's already used today as legally admissible evidence in court. This provides people with immediate access to reliable, independent and free legal support. Where no lawyer or jury is needed to intervene. Which no corrupt authority can deny.

It can be used in a variety of use cases, such as: Proof of Delivery. Social Services. Witness Statements. Dispute Resolution. Police Work. Copyright. Claims. Insurance. Land Titles. Property damage.

We can protect User's from persecution by anonymising the Identity using Zero-Knowledge Proof. By giving them a voice, we can also accomplish other things, such as voting, or digital signatures.

Based in Dubai, we're proud to submit our solution 'Off-Blocks' to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity.



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