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OffGridBox (SolarSPELL) provides renewable energy and a digital education platform for rural communities in the developing world. It is a financially sustainable and environmentally friendly model enabling communities to access digital technology to spread education supporting economic development. Each Box, through micro-payments, provides 400 families with electricity to power mobile devices giving access to SolarSPELLS digital learning library. Additional add ons include water purification and internet connectivity.

36 Boxes have been deployed in 9 different countries proving feasibility (but 1 billion people remain in need globally). Through local implementing partners (such as our partner in Rwanda, a local engineering firm), we teach the business model and maintenance procedures to generate revenue, not only to cover salaries and maintenance costs, but also to deploy additional boxes--leading to exponential growth. Similarly, SolarSPELL works with implementing partners like Peace Corps to spread locally the learning tools available through their digital platform. With these innovative technologies and pay-as-you-go business model, we see a truly sustainable path for communities to harness the digital revolution, breaking the barriers to digital literacy, education, and global economic opportunities.



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