Offsetting Carbon Emissions while Empowering Communities

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Moringa trees absorb carbon dioxide 20 times more than other general trees, which means a mature moringa tree can absorb around 80 kg of carbon per year. We are planting moringa trees and using the plantations as carbon credits banks. There are a lot of carbon emissions by companies, that are unavoidable, but can be reduced, deleted or offsetted. For those companies that want to delete, or offset their carbon emissions, we sale them carbon credits from our moringa plantation banks, we then use the funds to empower communities to help fight climate change through engaging them into projects that promote sustainable use of resources (eg organic and conservation farming), recycling of both food and plastic materials at community level.

For example, Zimplats, the biggest platinum mining company in Zimbabwe, recorded that it emitted 370 000 tonnes of carbon in 2018, and to delete or offset the emissions, needed 4 625 000 moringa trees that absorb 80 kg each, we sold them a plantation with 5 million moringa trees for US$300 000. That money is now being used to empower community groups to start income generating projects through recycling of plastic and food waste, as well as awareness campaigns for sustainable use of resources.

We are also pushing or advocating for governments to put in place legislations that encourages or force companies to measure, delete or offset their carbon emissions. The cheapest way to do this is by buying carbon credits from our moringa tree plantations, and we put the money into community projects that helps fight climate change.

We have attached a supporting document with full information about how moringa can help fight climate change. The document is a Journal of Earth Science & Climate Change 2016, Volume 7. The capacity of moringa to absorb carbon dioxide 20 times more than any other trees is highlighted on page 3.



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