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The problem:

Small scale fisherfolks – over 120 million of them globally
are seeing a reduction of yield, increased cost of operations and decreased sales margins.This is due to a set of factors, including large-scale over-fishingby industrial trawling operations, climate change, marine pollution and urbanization.

With artisanfishermen catching less and less, the livelihoods of over 500 million people are at risk. Many of them are leaving their fishing livelihoods – and this adds to the vicious cycle of more industrial-scale over-fishing, to fulfillthe protein needs of communities.

The solution:

Numer8’s Ofish product has two components: a user-side app to be used by small-scale fishermen and fisher women and a central supervision system to help governments supervise fishing activity.

The user-side app helps small-scale fisher-folkslocate potential fishing zones. This helps increase their yield and reduces the usage of diesel in engines to find their catch – thus reducing their costs and also reducing pollution.

Numer8’s Ofish central supervision system also helps government authorities oversee all fishing activity and locate potential illegal fishing and over-fishing.

Market validation:

We have validated our findings with 1,500 fishermen in India and Sri Lanka , and with local governments.

With the UN World Food Program we are going to 67 other countries.Numer8’s Ofish uses statistical and machine learning for

  • Predicting fishing zones
  • Tracking fishing activity
  • Marine Navigation
  • Hyperlocal weather



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