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Oflearn is a mobile device that serves as a distributed knowledge and resource repository for people living in rural communities without adequate internet access.

It is no hidden truth that the inaccessibility of the internet is due to the lack of infrastructure and the high cost of data. The internet has opened us to lots of opportunities and provides us tremendous benefits in applications such as banking, communication, commerce, jobs, health, education but the internet is not without other side distractions.

In an attempt to provide people in rural communities with the benefits of the internet, we have to be strategic and choose wisely on which aspect of the internet is most important to them, because we have limited resources. Undoubtedly education is the most important aspect of the internet we can provide for them.

Education will help these communities even do more for themselves, It will empower them to make decisions to make their society better. Education is a powerful tool of developing a country, the former Secretary General of the UN Ban ki-moon said “People today often ask about my country’s transformation from poverty to prosperity. Without hesitation, I answer that education was the key’’. This is why we are developing Oflearn . We are trying to bring open education(e-learning) to these disadvantaged communities.

The traditional internet model is expensive. For example, when you try to access a web page from your device, the request data moves from your mobile phone to your operators' cell tower to various chains of ethernet switches till it gets to the request server destination or data center. Meanwhile, the response data which is the webpage also travels back with the same manner.

In this single process, we have to take account of the cost of energy and maintenance of each cell towers, routers, switches, servers and data centers.

How Oflearn works is very simple. It has the same concept as browsing the internet, all you need is your own device(laptop, phone, tablets) and web browser. Next, find any Oflearn device within range, connect to it, input our link into your web broswer, our homepage will load, then search and download your desired content. Our contents will include educational books, videos, audios, and software. Our contents will be provided mostly by high-quality open source initiatives.

Oflearn is a very cheap alternative to stimulate and enhance e-learning because no cost is incurred for purchasing courses,books, software, and internet subscription package. It is also very fast and reliable. New content can also be received by this devices. The device will also be able to send some data through the internet.

Another application of this device will be in the local hospitals. We will provide curated medical contents to local doctors, nurses, and patients. These resources will help them in their diagnoses, prevention, treatment of diseases and administration of first aid. Farmers will not also be left out in the advantages of this device. Knowledge of best practices, farm management, farm storage etc. will also be contained in this device.

Technical Specification

Single-board computer, battery and solar panel, solid-state drive storage,WiFi-hotspot module, USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, plastic casing.

We are building it with scalability in mind. Our components are modular we can increase it with additional storage, battery, and solar panels.



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