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We exist to solve the problem of deficit in the supply of fish/fish products caused by lack of adequate reliable fish seeds and other inputs; high cost of fish feeds; water quality challenges; lack of market access for products; lack of timely extension service and unreliability of research findings.

We will solve this problem by massively producing reliable fish seeds (fry, fingerlings and juveniles) for grow-out fish farmers, broodstocks (parent fish) for fish hatchery operators, mélange for fish processors/caterers/consumers and smoked fish for consumers/caterers. We will set up a mini fish research lab, render fish farm water quality assessment and free extension services to fish farm startups. We will also offer specialized live-fish logistics services and operate an e-commerce chain (like jumia) but strictly for the sales of fish/aquacultural products.

Our solutions in form of the products and services we hope to render will solve the stated problems in the following ways:

Reliable fish seeds are required by grow-out fish farmers in order to attain good fish yield within the shortest period of time.

Melange are required by the consumers for meeting their protein needs; and by fish processors as a raw material for other byproducts (such as smoked fish and fish oil).

Smoked fish fills the need of: lengthening the shelf life of fish, improvement in taste and meeting the protein needs of consumers.

Reliable broodstocks are needed by fish hatchery operators for reliable fish seeds production.

Extension services are required by fish farm startups and others in the fish industry in order to solve their various challenges.

Water quality assessment is required to determine the suitability of a site for fish farming.

Specialized live-fish logistics is required to ensure maximum survival of live-fish transported from one region to another.

Mobile app/ecommerce website is required by fish farmers/processors for the easy trade of their products and services. This allows for even distribution of fish/fish products across Nigeria and neighbouring countries hence preventing fish glut in one region and scarcity in another.

We are tackling this problem of fish supply deficit because it poses a risk to national food security. Moreover, with the advent of the global warming and climate change phenomenon, fish stocks in the wild even if they could sustain the Nigerian population cannot be solely relied upon. There is the need to boost fish production. This can best be accomplished through intensive aquaculture.

These will altogether contribute to solvingseven SDGs namely SDG-1, SDG-2, SDG-3, SDG-8, SDG-9, SDG-12 and 14.



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