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Onja Foods intends to partner with women in rural areas in the regions growing and producing cassava in Kenya. We will identify these women and train them on better farming and harvesting methods then later supply them with the best variety of cassava crop. These women will utilize their current under-utilized land and have maximum yields through our partnership.

To manage the post harvest wastage, Onja Foods will be purchasing the cassava from these women and later process it into flour. Onja Foods intends to position the cassava flour as a multipurpose and gluten free flour. At the point of distribution, we shall partner with youth to be last mile distributors.

Cassava crop being a drought resistant crop serves best as a solution to Food Security and shifting the consumers from over reliance on maize flour which has been also a threat to food security in Kenya.

The impact that our business envisions include: Social Economic empowerment for this women, Sustainable income thus poverty eradication in their regions, Good health and well being for both the consumers and the women farmers, sustainable communities thus propelling the Sustainable Development Goals



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