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Modern day systemic problems require modern day unconventional, innovative and creative ways of solving them. Food insecurity is one of the biggest threats that our country has faced for decades. With this in mind, we at Homerun holdings have come up with disruptive ways of farming and food production aimed at curbing food insecurity that incorporate the use of Information technology and farm mechanization. Homerun holdings is an agribusiness start-up that began in late 2017 in the Kenyan rift valley and has since been incorporated and continues to grow annually.

We are involved in large scale maize farming and also the use of hydroponic farming technology in urban spaces for our horticultural products (fruits and vegetables). We aim to colonize open urban spaces that can be turned into farms using hydroponic farming. We are targeting the urban dweller who has limited space for a farm or backyard, we want to mobilize these residents and help them set up hydroponic farms in their residential areas and have them do small scale hydroponic farming. These small scale hydroponic farms will act as a supplementary supply of food to the existing sources.

This initiative will create a self-sustaining ecosystem where households are able to produce their own food, eliminate lengthy supply chains that make food costly and lead to loss of food across the value chain due to perish-ability from the time of harvest to food on the table. This initiative will help curb non-communicable and food-borne diseases as there will be few incidents of food contamination due to the reduced number of handlers from the farm to the consumer. It will create employment for youth and women and lead to economic empowerment.

The practice is good for our environment as is has zero emissions of carbon and it's geared towards the reduction of unhealthy foods. We are committed towards achieving positive sustainable change and development and towards addressing the millennium development goals;
1-No poverty, 2-Zero hunger, 5
Gender equality and 8-Decent work and economic growth.



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