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The productivity of about 30 million Nigerian livestock farmers is very low as a result of excessive use of inorganic inputs. Based on need assessment conducted and experiences gathered over years, we observed the existence of the following challenges: uncontrollable high cost of production, high mortality rate, exposure to health challenges, hazardous environmental pollution through agro-waste discharge and degeneration of soil nutrients by chemical based fertilizer (containing a lot of acidic salt); these we have solved with our TruORGANIC Solutions.

TruORGANIC Solution produced for both livestock and crop farmers (most especially vegetable farmers). About 70% of operational cost of an average livestock farmer goes to feeding, vaccines and medications excluding administrative expenses, which reduces farmers’ profitability drastically. TruORGANIC is a livestock booster, supplement and organic fertilizer will help to prevent unhealthy inorganic production, reduce the cost of production, risk of exposure to health challenges pose by excessive use of chemicals products.

We also adopt agro-waste recycling (waste to wealth initiative) to reduce food wastage, minimize losses from post-harvesting of perishable fruits in order to producing 100% natural booster and fertilizer for smallholder farmers’ productivity.

TruORGANIC is an agritech considering the unique technology adopted such as; the recycling process for profitably utilizing agro-waste and damage fruits/vegetables which strategically reduces losses of fruit vendors considering the perishable nature of these products. The approach of processing and packaging herbs specifically for livestock and vegetable farmers through innovative model; is an innovative approach to promote organic food production; adopting technology driven distribution system for the through a user friendly interactive e-commerce site, MobileApp™ and USSD/SMS for rural smallholder farmers. The Uniqueness of TruORGANIC packaging, value proposition and premium quality is also a success factor; as it offers unique, eco-friendly, affordable, innovative performance, productive and sustainable system to meet the desires of smallholder farmers with cheap, efficient and healthy products.

TruORGANIC was launched in July, 2018; with 40% affordable, available, quality, eco-friendly organic solution compared to our competitors, we are working with about 500 smallholder livestock and vegetables farmers in 15 states in Nigeria; enhancing 30% increase in productivity, sustainable livelihood and economic growth to achieve zerohunger and food security. We are looking forward to work with about 60 million of Nigeria’s population that are: livestock smallholder farmers demanding TruORGANIC for reduced cost of production and increased yield; Vegetable farmers (located in both Rural and Urban areas including slums) existence of a high number of markets for the TruORGANIC leveraging on the existing database of vegetable farmers, Agric-input vendors (warehouse customers), Unified Extension Agents, Non-Governmental Organization and Social Enterprises as empowerment package for vulnerable citizens, Cooperative Societies and Farmers Associations (the encouragement of technology transfer of laudable initiative for technologically excluded clustered farmer, Corporate Organizations as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) package to vulnerable farmers identified through our Need Assessment Exercise.

Affordability to Smallholders that cannot afford the expensive imported products; considering the waste-to-wealth initiative adopted, we intend to produce at low cost to farmers thereby making our solution affordable to all categories of farmers irrespective of their income status.

Availability is another factor that differentiates our TruORGANIC Solutions; in terms of ready availability of raw material for our consistent production and also availability of our finished products to farmers as and when needed.

Quality: Another differentiating factor that is that we don’t comprise quality and frown at adulteration or laboratory formulation of component or nutrient as common in imported products. Adherence to total quality control will be our watch word as a partner in global alliance for improving food security, nutrition and economic growth for the World’s most vulnerable (innovations for global food security more meat, milk and fish by & for) poor living in Nigeria.

Our customers have adopted organic farming system by continuously enlightening the customers on reasons to embrace natural inputs for high nutritional valued products that enhance healthy living, avoiding the use of inorganic chemical based inputs: encouraging right attitude to buy natural/organic products for more access to markets as requirement for global standards, willingness to accept and use the new technologies introduced through our organic solutions, awareness for the consumers to change mindset for using mobile enable payment platforms eg SMS/USSD, Point of Sales (POS), Internet/Online transfer; promoting cashless policy, to encourage this change of attitude as identified above; We plan to create more awareness about the website to smallholder farmers on the e-commerce website, mobile app, mobile e-wallet, ease of usage of Short code USSD/SMS with SMS technology, the rural smallholder farmers with their feature phones will be able directly report or assess the platform from their communities.

TruORGANIC improve farmers’ productivity and profitability by providing easy to use organic herbal liquid solution acting as both food nutrient and supplement for livestock and vegetables.

Unique Packaging/Presentation: Uniqueness of TruORGANIC Solution packaging and premium quality are success factors; as it offers unique, eco-friendly, affordable, innovative performance, productive and sustainable system to meet the desires of smallholder farmers with cheap, efficient and healthy products.

Local Content/Zero Waste Initiative: The usage of locally produce and natural ingredients without any chemical based raw materials, preservatives, easy to use, affordability, availability, quality control and eco-friendly products.

Affordability: TruORGANIC® is affordable due to 40% cost reduction compare to competitors, who are importing their products and it made it not affordable for smallholder farmers. Affordable pricing strategy is based on the fact that our materials are sourced for locally, not only open up access to market for small and medium enterprise, also, we are reducing post-harvest losses and food wastage.

We have the human resources needed for running this solution which includes technical know-how, professional and business management skills. The team consists of trained and seasoned professionals with years of experience in agriculture, engineering, business and project management.

The impact of TruORGANIC solution in promotion of organic farming for smallholder livestock and vegetables farmers are:

  • Reducing environmental pollution, create Safe environment, communities and reduce carbon emission that impact climate change.
  • Reducing cost of feeding for increased profitability and improve living standard of farmers.
  • Increasing life expectancy period and reduce risk of diseases in human existence due to availability of affordable healthy livestock and vegetables.
  • Promoting decent work, economic growth, responsible consumption and production for good health and well-being.
  • Eradicating poverty through our 2% give-back scheme as our corporate social responsible for to vulnerable farmers identified through our need assessment exercise.
  • Creation of 5,000 direct and indirect jobs through network of TruORGANIC Farm Agents and Distributors: working with farmers as Technical Support Team.
  • Increasing farmers’ productivity by a minimum of 30% of their base year performance by taking a pre and post TruORGANIC productivity index to ascertain if performance is in line with set target.
  • Reducing mortality rate by 30% and enhancing immune systems of livestock for the period of raising them for sustainability and profitability.
  • Ensuring that an average of 30% of food consumers in our immediate environment have access to organic food through a structured survey to be conducted using questionnaire to know the eating pattern of food consumers and innovation to ensure healthy living.
  • Promotion of backyard urban organic farming to enhance smallholder livestock and vegetables production to achieve healthy and safe food productive citizens.

We are also working with non-profit organisations with special interest in vulnerables, physically challenged youth and women, young agroprenuers and women groups in rural communities to enhance production capacity of livestock and vegetables smallholders in clusters to produce affordable healthy food for low-income earners to achieve zerohunger, no-poverty, good health and well-being, reduce inequality, safe cities and communities, responsible consumption and production and climate change compliance smart agriculture..



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