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Agriculture plays a very important role in populated countries (Appo. 180 Million + 1.5 Million Rohingya refugees) like Bangladesh. The conventional agriculture of Bangladesh after green revolution heavily depended on chemical fertilizers and pesticides now added formalin or using carbide causing several problems to human health and the environment. As a result, food safety has now become a big issue. Moreover, the cost of agriculture has increased manifold with declining yield levels and growing dependence on market for purchase of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Food security is also challenging considering the climate change, land degradation and natural disasters in the highly populated countries in Asia like Bangladesh. Small farmers in Bangladesh are struggling to compete with today’s liberalized and globalized market. Organic agriculture is considered to be a suitable agricultural production area to ensure harmonization between human welfare and sustainable development. Organic products have good potential for export, the local market can also be important since many consumers are interested with food quality and food safety and eager to purchase with premium price also.

Organic agriculture technologies and production: Organic agriculture as a holistic production management system, avoids usage of synthetic inputs and genetically modified organisms, minimizes pollution of air, soil and water, and optimizes the health and productivity of inter dependent communities of plants, fisheries, animals and people. In recent years some organic agricultural technologies have proven to be effective technologies and accepted by the farmers such as integrated rice–duck farming practices, organic vegetable production in sac, pheromone-trap for insect control, compost (kitchen waste, vermin-compost, pile compost, basket compost etc) and so on. However, Bangladesh agriculture has not been able to benefit from the growing global organic market, and we have even failed to create a good domestic market of organic foods due to availability of less price Chemical crops & lack of awareness.

Here in this video we are showing you how the vermin-compost & natural pesticide can process and prepared very easily and within 02/03 months the farmers will be self defended and his crops production will increase min 05 times more with very minimum cost. This vermin-compost & natural pesticide also very much cost effective (BDT 4.00 Kg/ $0.050 cents/kg) which will give financial sustainability and healthy food production for the community people. This is a very smart, farmers friendly & easy solution with very low cost. Thanks a lot !



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