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The organic paddock system of snail farming comes with very economic and healthy solution to address the challenge of ensuring a sustainable and healthy food for all.

  • Maximization of available space.

    The use of space is very economical as a plot of land can house about 1 million grown snails before harvesting as applicable.

  • Cheap and organic feeding methods.

    No money is spent on buying of livestock feeds as various plants and shrubs of high nutritional value to snails are planted in neat rows within the paddock enclosure. The floor of the paddocks are covered with rich loamy soils which are essential part of the snail diet. This ensures that only healthy and organic snails are produced.

  • Economic value of snail farming.

    Snail farming is highly profitable and creates employment opportunities from the various value chains derivable as applicable.It is cheaper, less tedious and more environmental friendly compared to poultry and fish farming.Snail meat (Escargot) is a special delicacy due to its medicinal values.It has high protein and iron content, low fat and near zero cholesterol. The snail slime can be harvested for application in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for additional income. The shells are used for formulation of livestock feeds as calcium and phosphorous supplements. The rate of return on investments in twelve months could be modest at 700 percent. This could be scaled up to a rate of 1000 percent return on investments if all the value chains are carefully harnessed.

  • Summary.

    In summary the choice of snail species to rear is key, but the African giant snail is very hardy,adaptable and can thrive on organic diets and loamy soils. The eggs, shells and meat is larger and the slime output is equally of very high volume and quality as applicable. All round the amount of money required to set up and run the paddock system is very economical while the rate of returns and value chain is second to none. The practice is unique and sustainable, if the value chains are harnessed, it ensures continuous supply of healthy snail meat and bye products all year round.



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