Organic production of animal proteins

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Animal proteins[catfish, chickens and eggs] are produced in large quantities and qualitatively on a sustainable basis organically. The production is an all inclusive type embracing both animal and crop farming. 

Fruits, vegetables and herbal plants are compounded and used as organic medications during the production processes of these animal proteins to eliminate the usage of chemical hormones,pesticides, vaccines and antibiotics. Often times, these chemical medications are present in these animal proteins at a dangerously high level most especially when there is no strict adherence to the chemical medications withdrawal period used to nurture the animals before they are processed for human consumption. The chemical medication residue in the animals posses negative health risks to the consumers of such protein products.

Fruits, vegetables and herbal plants are compounded and infused into the feeds to be used to grow  these animals  with the use of specially and locally fabricated  feed milling machines and equipments.

The production processes for the animal proteins involve many value chains as shown on the attached chart with ultimate goals of contributing our quota to  zero hunger, job creation, developments of rural agriculture and community development.  



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