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I believe that by enlightening people about peace and the benefits that comes with a peaceful society, the world would be a better place. 

Government should try as much possible to listen to the cry of the people they govern and to consider their comfort and peace in handling affairs.

The unemployed should be given employment, and this will lessen the number of robbery and stealing in the community.

Students who can't afford tuition fees should be given scholarship and the old should be carefully taken care of by the government.

Leaders should engage in peaceful conversations and this will prevent wars and fight between regions.

Everyone should be entitled to a religion of their choice, anyone who try to forcefully convert a Muslim to another religion or any member of any religion should be purnished.

A construction that favors the good of all should be grafted.

People who commit murder out of self defense should be shown mercy , and all crime cases should be carefully investigated before any arrest is made.

Gender inequality shouldn't be tolerated in any part of the world.

Rapists should be severely purnished as well as other defaulters who against the law.

Racism should cease. Anyone found racist should be purnished and this will serve as an example to other racists.

Addictive drugs should be banned cause these drugs only cause harm than good, people die in the hands of these drugs addicts who can't control their temper, most times these drugs addicts Rob and steal when they don't have enough money to buy more drugs and this doesn't support the quest for peace in the society. Anyone found guilty of producing these drugs, selling or consuming these drugs should be severely purnished.

Everyone should learn to pray, it doesn't matter the religion... everyone should pray for the good and peace of the society.

Anyone found guilty of a crime should be duely purnished in respective of wealth or status.

Worship centers should be built in all places because it brings people together.

Food, cloth and shelter should be given to the homeless and this way they wouldn't have to steal or commit a worse crime.

The government should pay attention to the needs of the people.

More security agencies should be created.

When there is abundance of food and water people rejoice. Therefore, the government shouldn't neglect Agriculture.

Interpersonal relationship skills, peace and order, love and kindness should be taught in schools and all religious places.

Lastly, shun corruption and there will be peace.

Change begins with me and you as citizens of this world.



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