Oriens Duo Solar CHP

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The challenge was to look at a more efficient way to increase the efficiency of capturing the sun energy and to make it viable to the market .By concentrating the sun in a way that we can have a small footprint and the cell technology of the Triple junction cell 40% efficient  Solar CHP that can produce a combined heat and power in a one  meter module.

The challenge was to get the process the right the material to function as a higher  efficiency  level .

With the help of Engineers and the University of Sherbrooke in the advancement of Photon technology we have set a new standard in the soar industry.

My challenge was to make a cost effective solution to bring the efficiency of the solar industry to high level and with help of  a few knowledgeable people we have accomplish this and we are looking for assistance to commercialization .

The new challenge is to produce and market the Solar CHP in the third world to bring their economy to a sustainable energy solution with advance technology.

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Gilles Leduc      




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