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OrientaMED is a startup that is developing a smart portable device. It uses artificial intelligence to identify infections and chronic diseases by analyzing human exhaled breath. Our device works like a breathalyzer (ethylometer) and it can be used for Point-of-Care (PoC) testing. Our goal is to develop a device capable of identifying 15 diseases, such as pneumonia, diabetes, lactose intolerance, and Crohn's disease.

Our most innovative idea is to embed artificial intelligence in a portable device to analyze gases for different purposes. By using this intelligent software, that we have developed, we are able to train the device for different applications, such as analyzing soil, predicting fruit spoilage, and detecting diseases in human breath. Initially, we have focused on HealthTech because it is a promising market since it has received considerable industrial attention and it generates great social impacts. There are many open challenges in healthcare that must be solved. For example, many people who live in isolated or hard-to-reach areas, or poor communities, do not have access to effective pre-diagnosis, which increases the number of late and wrong diagnoses. The reason is the price of transporting, storing and managing most of the PoC tests and exams. Also, global private hospitals face the problem of unnecessary exams prescription. For example, in Brazil, this problem generates an additional cost of more than $ 3.4 billion annually. An efficient medical screening could avoid this additional cost of unnecessary exams.

Therefore, our portable device, that analyses diseases in a cheap and feasible way, will alleviate these problems by improving the health screening process and making it more accessible through a high technology solution.



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