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The problem of service and trade inclusion is a growing concern most pronounced in low and middle-income emerging markets and has a huge impact on an individual’s ability to start a business, pay for education and engage in other opportunities to further their economic prospects.

To enable the transfer of skills and knowledge, the development of resilient and connected supply chains and promote open and inclusive trade opportunities for all. We have built a mobile technology solution to promote inclusiveness and sustainability

Outwork is a mobile-technology enabled digital service that leverages emerging logistics and mobility technologies in order to reduce the cost of supplying services across rural and urban communities and connecting diverse actors along the value chain.

As a Nigerian technology organization, we are making huge strides in enhancing service and trade inclusion to support Nigeria’s socially excluded population through Outwork, with efforts in place to extend this to Africa.

Rural community dwellers have access to these work opportunities despite where they are from or who they are.

Features of Outwork

  • The platform supports multicultural language to foster inclusion

  • Activities can be carried out Offline. Given that internet connectivity has a low penetration rate of just 50 percent, Outwork sees its offline potential as a great way to move towards financial inclusion.

  • A cross-functional, multi-dimensional Wallet system

  • An Agency network to support those who cannot operate the app.

  • Machine learning to reduce the cost of supplying services across borders and connecting diverse actors along the value chain services across borders and connecting diverse actors along the value chain

  • Data collection

  • Field worker on-boarding and management

  • Task creation with specified report templates,

  • Real time notification of task creation and report submission

  • Report Geo-fencing(reports submission restricted to a specific location)

  • Field worker check-in and a chat on the platform where peers can interact and collaborate on tasks.



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