Paint and Cement which Reduces Air Pollution

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By the use of this new invention of paint and cement which reduces air pollution, everybody can be happy and healthy. As we all know pollution is everywhere. We cannot detect it sometimes because usually, it’s in the air. Especially in vehicles using petroleum products, there are these volatile compounds which are found in petroleum products. This can cause irritation of eyes, nose, throat, heart, respiratory and asthma.

Air pollution has many sources it can be by man-made and or by natural means. It is present in gases, smoke, ashes, and dust particles. And gas is most common air pollutants.

Pollution is a big threat to human health. It causes a lot of death worldwide. It brings us health risk due to some diseases and illnesses that occur because of sulphur and carbon, our newly introduce paint and cement will reduce these pollutants from our homes, buildings and other establishments where people usually stay.

Therefore, this invention is highly advisable for a safety and a healthy world to live in that is pollution free. Where most of us are aware but can’t find a solution. So now this solution is already an eye opener for us to realize the real meaning of life preservation.



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