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We have developed a protected designed beehive that is moveable, durable and has productivity uplift of 250%, all made from unwanted wood wastes and industrial off cuts. Thus our solution uses off cuts from commercial wood processing centres and plantations to produce hundreds of the double -deck, low cost and highly productive beehives that go into the out-grower schemes for increased honey production for export into global markets. The eco-friendly design boosts productivity, increasing honey production per beehive from 15 kilograms to 75 kilograms per season. This innovation has led to the reduction of production cost from $40 to $15 per beehive making it cost effective and affordable to rural communities, offering tremendous opportunities to rural communities for growth.

We use innovative honey production and extraction methodologies that secure our constant supply of honey through multiple rural foot prints in honey out-grower schemes where we have distributed beehives. We buy from rural poor hardworking African honey producers and pay producers above 150% of most crops they grow per kilogram. The honey products are then sold in 150 selected shops and 3 major chain stores in Zambia and export markets such as South Africa, Egypt and soon to China. Every year with 80% of honey and wax is exported and profits are reinvested into our beehive production.



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