PANI Provision Of Advisory for Necessary Irrigation

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Problem: There is a lack of data-based agricultural/irrigation management, which is majorly reliant on colonial practices and constrained by socio-cultural and economic restrictions. Climate-resilient agriculture is a critical need for the near future, and agricultural/irrigation advisory is the impact factor for agricultural/irrigation management in India.

Solution: Herein we propose to develop an irrigation advisory system that will provide reliable and affordable plot-scale irrigation advisories to farmers. The specific deliverable is a Decision Support System (DSS) for agricultural/irrigation advisory developed using a combination of low-cost soil water sensing, freely available remote-sensing satellite data, numerical/computer/simulation modeling of water movement and a final product + service which is tailored to the requirement of the user. Weather info, Soil info, and automated solutions. We give weather, water and fertilizer/pesticide advisories to farmers.

Our core value proposition is an increase in productivity and decreases in farm inputs using advisories from our system. We tell farmers exactly how much water to irrigate and when to irrigate along with similar advisories on fertilizers and pesticides. We remove the uncertainties in farmers mind regarding usage of the right amount of inputs at the right time while empowering him to be resilient to weather risks. We offer a premium solution for big farmers and Agri based companies who do farming on large scale. Another affordable solution for widespread marginal farmers. We are saving money, Time and giving a sophisticated process in this sector. We are changing the mindset. Our solution can work as a UBER in AgriTech sector. We have certain collaborators from the University of Washington and other researchers where we have 1st had information. We have our own customized solution which cannot be copied easily.

The problem in the current market: Unavailability of localized weather forecasts and lack of knowledge regarding crop water demands are major sources of uncertainty in irrigation planning and management. These data and the subsequent data-based management decision making are crucial requirements in the framework of climate-resilient and resource efficient agriculture. Solutions to these problems are relevant since they impact not only profit-loss margins but also long-term environmental sustainability. Unfortunately solutions addressing these issues specifically for marginal farmers are either absent or heavily limited in technology innovations. The few companies who offer overall farm management target only very large and corporate farms and does not consider business with marginal farmers as profitable.


Low-Cost Sensing: Calibrating low-cost sensor modules while ensuring reliability after rigorous laboratory and field tests. Standardizing off-the-shelf environmental monitoring sensors to ascertain their accuracy, precision & reading to reading stability.

Data Transmission: The instrument can transmit water level in real-time using GSM/GPRS (Sim card) technology or LPWAN (Radio frequency rage-5km) technology. GSM/GPRS is preferred where the mobile signals are good and have scarce deployments. LPWAN is preferred when a large number of instruments have to be deployed within a radius of 2-3 Km.

Cloud Analytics: Real-time environmental data integrated with decision support systems for automation & timely alerts. Ready to accommodate a million simultaneous connections. Future-ready in terms of scalability & security.

IoT for All: With state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions built from the ground up for developing nations, Kritsnam is ready to usher the BoP into an era of seamless interaction of Everyone with Everything.



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