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My solution for the challenge is that innovation for peace and justice is all about a systematic way of doing the dnt,so what a solution is that you have to bsystematic way of doing the dnt,so what a solution is that you have to be like how they bring it about in providing creativity in the regulation of rules and law in the sector of innovation for peace and justice.never the less every part or branches that show off in the system make a certainty of allocate of going beyond the rule and law protecting is factor in innovation for peace and  justice,allso when every concept is to protect the system every tendencies to make sure that every  step are flowed tll the end of these sector, when there is absolute understanding between every system mate all it take is tom be clam in all controversy not for a peace and justice to be in places,more over the perception of having a fore look toward good system approaches is to be convinced that every part of innovation for peace and justice will commend for casual feeling of safe solution for development and progress to be accomplish by the means of deals when solving the innovation for peace and various system the as in it habit of change system way to suit there comfort over not to be true at any manner even when the whole thing is written in the scripture for all to be aware of how it gose.

                but yet in the case of  creativity in innovation for peace and justice is not certain with the knowledge of those that can change the will of society regulation, so the  main of it is to be very calm for any comment of not being spreed ahead of other factors of major cut of a political corner way or doing on right because of there wayof dees  in every recommend all areas of people the are in to the creation of system is of the fact that they progress out the way they create the system to favor them and all.



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