Peace and justice

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Actually when we talk about peace ,at that time we can notice that the people which are in educated or people who don't have full knowledge used to do violence .so education is the best solution to maintain peace in future .as educated person never do violence without understanding the demerits of any problem. 

As we can see that some bad people used to lead the group of us educated people and make everyone ready to do violence ,and the illiterate people's used to join them . 

So,to stop them it is necessary to teach them , educate them ,make them study ,and give them knowledge about the world , about the concepts that what is right or what is wrong . 

Hence, education is the best and the most easiest way to solve the problem of nonviolence . And we can live a better life with peace .

Justice is also one of the big problem as we don't used to get justice just because of some corrupt people's .today people used to change the decision in the favor of wealthy people or the people who is in power. 

The all thing related to justice is based on money and power .person who aquire more money and power always have greater chance to win .

On the otherhand the justice is required for peace and they both are co-related ,

So they both are needed equally to support each other ,strict rules should be made so that the people doesn't do any wrong activity and the cases for justice will come less .

The justice should be clean and fair ,so that the rich and powerful people also have fear of doing wrong activity .

Hence , education and strict rules are necessary for empowering peace and justice.




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