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I have an innovation which seeks to go all round to offer education in the rural areas informing them on  the meaning,causes,effects and the way forward in conflict management.

Conflict usually occurs in the rural areas in my country. Looking at this, I attach this calamity to lack of knowledge on simple and basic societal living. Cooperating and socializing among people in your own immediate surrounding is always usually transferred to the surrounding in which you are not coming from. People living together would hereby not hate each other making peace and development their ultimate aim of life.

The solution also seeks to educate people on the presence and advantages of law enforcement agencies in our communities. Example; the Police, the Army, the Traditional rulers etc. Law enforcement agencies are there to make sure peace and Justice prevail in our communities, they settle misunderstanding between and among people, the offer advice to people, the provide aid to people and many more. People should not consider law enforcement agencies as creators of problem. but rather solvers of problems.

The solution also takes a look at providing assistance to people who need various help in diverse ways like, approaching the local government, approaching non governmental organisation and many more. The aim of this derived concept is to lead people who can't have access to various high organisations to make known their problems which needs attention.

In conclusion my solution will take a greater help on some specific people in my area like, the disability, the maltreated, the poor and many more, to provide support for them to grow and develop to prevent conflict and misunderstanding.



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