Pedal operated digger

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Majority of farmers in rural areas operate at a small scale and use hoes to dig the holes before planting. A technique classified as ancient, inefficient, consumes labour and time which would have been allocated to other productive ventures.

Pedal operated digger is a simple but reliable machine aimed at replacing a hoe to carry out the operation of digging holes prior to planting. The machine does not involve operation costs and can be operated in environments were there is no electricity. Pedal operated digger consists of three diggers whose spacing can be adjusted depending on the required, hence trippling the working efficiency and ensuring precision in production.

The existing machines are expensive and not suitable for small scale farmers. In addition, the existing machines incur high operation and maintenance costs.

Implementation and adoption of the pedal operated digger would go a long way to transforming rural areas and ending hunger due to the increased efficiency during production.



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