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In the face of growing food demands from a burgeoning population, East African agricultural markets are plagued by poor integration.The symptoms of shallow markets can be seen across space (leading to highly variable prices that do not follow the Law of One Price) as well as across time (leading to prices that tend to be low when farmers are selling and high when they are buying).Given the inability of markets to efficiently move food from surplus to deficit regions, poor integration has a major effect on both farmer incomes and on food security.

Agriculture in Uganda holds the greatest potential for attaining an inclusive economic growth, employment creation and boosting local, regional and international trade. Agriculture alone contributed 40% of the national GDP and 52% of total exports earnings in the financial year 2018/19.

Smallholders farmers produce and sell nearly 70% of the food consumed in Uganda and are increasingly becoming long-term viable and sustainable option for increasing food security in Uganda.

Peponiis an e-commerce platform for agricultural produce that uses connected digital tools to better integrate the entire market system. Peponi addresses market linkage, logistical and financial inclusion problems in the agricultural food value chain thus enabling an efficient, fair, transparent and formal marketplace. With Peponi we coordinate pricing, payment, ensuring quality control and logistics from farmers and final customers.

The Peponi platform consists of a marketplace platform where consumers place their orders, On-demand logistics platform for a cost-efficient model of agricultural transportation and finally a payment platform, which facilitates payments among participants active on Peponi platform anytime anywhere.



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