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Sustainable and healthy food for all:

With the rise in world population, there's an increasing attempt to meet the food demand of the exponentially growing population. However, it is so sad many of the food industries and establishments give the people not what is healthy and delicious but what is deleterious to health if consumed for long.

This cry to make a difference gave birth to the Glad Peppersoup business which is currently serving the people in my locality under much hygienic condition with some of the richest natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. As a medical student with the knowledge of what is good for a healthy living, I added some other natural ingredients such as fresh scent leaf, fresh carrots, and ginger all in the right proportion. When you take a plate of our peppersoup,you are not only consuming freshly killed fish or meat but also consuming myriads of natural herbal spices which have been used in times past for various medical purposes. An example is the garlic which was used in time past to treat tooth problems. Besides the antioxidant properties of this miracle food, it has also been recommended for surgery patients and those who want to lose weight.

I really wish that it will be included in an average man's meal at least twice in a week all over the world. This is our dream/vision which will not let us sleep.



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