personal internet guard for elderly people

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The number of older people in the world is growing, this is a long-term trend.

Another trend - the share of business, services, information available via the Internet is growing.

The share of mobile traffic is also growing, that is, more and more people use mobile devices to access services and information.

Older people have certain problems in using mobile devices. This has both physiological causes and limitations inherent in older people, and cognitive features of this category of population.

Our interviews with older users have shown that many of them are concerned that they do not understand what is happening with their private information on the Internet, in general, and financial information in particular.

The existing applications on the market that protect the user's privacy generally have a difficult-to-learn interface, non-transparent to the user operating principles.

The main idea is to create (or adapt an existing) application that protects the user's privacy on the Internet, adapted to the cognitive features of older people, having modes similar to the parental control modes in applications and operating systems.

Basic principles:

simplicity of the interface

adaptation to the needs and requests of a specific user, the presence of different modes of operation:

“adviser” mode, when an application interacts with a user, explains the consequences of its actions, gives recommendations

Defender mode when settings are set by a third party (relative, social worker, etc.) and the application runs in the background

possibility of remote monitoring of the events and prompt assistance of third parties, if necessary.



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