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Perxona is a technology-centric platform that will serve as a sustainable real-world solution to different countries with very limited or totally no Internet access, and will immerse with these communities and regions to become readily self-reliant. As our way to address this challenge, it will build a digital ecosystem where different technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, drone, arduino, renewable energy equipment and mobile/web tools will be put together and produce an integrated online and real-world products, systems and educational materials. Then, bring these to the places where these will be most needed and can be customized to fit the specific concerns of each region. It's not just the children who will be immersed to these, but also the parents and everyone in the community must be involved to ensure its positive and developmental impact for their future. There should also be participation from the government (for infrastructure support), the businesses and organizations for maintaining this solution. Others' relevant inventions and innovations will eventually be explored and integrated into the Perxona solution. The use of other resources such as renewable energy grids and 3D printing will help bring down the total cost of producing the learning materials, instead of importing these from other countries. We believe that this collaborative digital innovation is the best approach to help the 3rd world countries to live and learn in this digital era. Perxona not just a single platform. Perxona is a digital ecosystem. And Perxona is here to help the next 2 billion people and resolve the digital divide and illiteracy.



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