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Over 300 million tons of plastics produced annually, 75% gets thrown away into the environment, and 8 million tons annually gets its way into the oceans. Nigeria contributes 600,000 metric tons of plastic wastes polluting our environment causing flooding and environmental degradation.

PetsPoint is a plastic recycle startup that creates high quality, eco-friendly polyester for the manufacturing of fashion fabrics. Our goal is to reduce the plastic waste challenge by 10.5% over the next 5 years, contribute 18% of fashion materials to Nigeria’s fashion industry and increase revenue by 13.7%.

Our solution is stacked into three solution segments carefully strung together into one simple seamless solution driven by efficient and resilient new technology systems and frameworks. The solution segments are tagged PP Collection, PP Recycle and PP Produce. These segments focus on the initial points of plastic waste collection, plastic waste recycling and production of fashion wears from plastic waste respectively. Every of this segment has been designed to integrate with the next segment in a controlled cycle yet every segment is a potential exit point into external dependencies and entities ensuring that our system stays competitive by being compatible with current industry players.



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