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We designed a mobile app that works on mobile phones with fingerprint sensor that acts as a disease detector and also help to diagnose the disease. It will make use of the fingerprint scanner from our phones and leverages on Artificial Intelligence to detect the presence of Malaria, Typhoid and HIV. This app can analyze human sweat samples for special chemical signatures that correspond to various diseases. This works because our sweat carries over a 100 unique chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the team proved that each disease has a very specific chemical signature within a person’s VOC. In Africa primary health is difficult to get, while in Nigeria the mass exodus of health practitioners to other countries in search of greener pasture, lack of access to health care, lack of access to equipped labs, lack of access to drugs and lack of data and health infrastructure has made health inclusion impossible. But it is quite interesting to know the rate of mobile phone penetration in Nigeria and Africa at large has increased. In Nigeria over 120 million people has mobile phone out of the total 190 million people. But only 6 million has access to primary health care. But our app which is an AI-powered computing system anchored on blockchain is engineered to serve the invisible demographic of migrants and ethnic minorities.



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