Phendokfood preservation and multiple channels distribution

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Phendokfood uses a combination of multiple channel of food distribution and a tech related food preservation methods to reduce major postharvest loss that results to income lost, food scarcity and eventual hunger. This food systems is important in response to the rapid changes in our population, especially the way urbanization now positions to significantly influence how and what we eat, even though majority of this foods are produced in rural communities. Our solution uses cold-room tech that increases the shelf live of fresh foods and thermo dehydrating tech solutions that enable the dry processing foods like vegetables, carrots, tomatoes,onions, chilly-pepper, catfish and dressed chickens. Having kept this food save, consumers must have access to them. We leverage again on technology for save transportation and delivery using coldroom and distribution vans. We use multiple distribution channels to reach consumers. This includes direct sale, social-media, marketing, online marketing, website, ecommerce apps, trade fairs, TV promotions. This way foods have access to the market as they are moved from regiom of high productivity to regions of low productivity.



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