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Today, consumption for clothing, furniture, and other related products has given rise to a broad range of mixed fibre textile waste. Statistics reveal that we produce 57 million tonnes of textile waste each year. Because of this mixed fibre nature with synthetic fabrics, recycling of such waste is currently challenging from both technological and commercial perspectives. Biodegradation of many textile blends have been found to be slow at best to being fully non-biodegradable. As a result, up to 73% ends up at landfills and incinerated, further complicating the environmental problem. Currently, there is an absence of commercial recycling technology that is a viable alternative to the landfill and incinerate option.

To sove this, Phoenxt approach is based in 3 cornerstones:

  • Efficient, reliable textile waste handling service

Related facilities made available to business partners to collect textile waste from partners and stakeholders. Simple. Cost Effective. Convenient.

  • Effective waste treatment recycling technology and licensing

Is a powerful, versatile chemical technology that is capable of transforming mixed fibre material into its source chemical components using environmentally responsible methods in a rapid and consistent manner. Yielding useful products of rPET, cellulose, ethanol, and sugar as feedstock supply to textile manufacturing and other sectors.

  • Profitable, recycled synthetic fabric supply and distribution

rPET supply to textile mills and other fabric suppliers with required properties and consistent quality demanded by their operations



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