Piecon Electric Tricycle (PET)

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Combustion engine vehicles are the most popular means of transportation in the world today. This has provide a big challenge in energy savings and greenhouse effect on the environment. Most cities in the world today are polluted as a result of combustion and varieties of natural and unnatural sources particulate matter. Some of these particulate especially auto exhaust are being inhaled everyday by people and air pollution is being blamed for millions of premature death world wide.

As the climate action towards building low carbon circular economy through evacuation of plastic waste for recycling and reuse builds up, it is going to generate huge transportation activities. Therefore, there is urgent need to be proactive in identifying the transportation needs and challenges and employ effective solution in a timely manner as it concerns the operational and greenhouse effect of using combustion engine vehicles in transportation of plastic waste. Which its effect are in extricable linked with some of the world most problems like global warming, dysfunctional municipal services, pre-mature death etc

Our solution is the use of green transportation system in plastic waste management.

Piecon Electric Tricycle (PET) which is at the prototype stage was born out of the need to save the environment from climate change and improve the standard of living through the manufacturing of low cost, free maintenance and eco-friendly tricycles that will create a better alternative to the challenges posed by combustion engine tricycles.

The tricycle which comes in different types can be used especially the cargo and waste carrying type for the transportation of plastic waste. This will make all the actions and channels involved in plastic waste management to be compatible with climate change action.

The campaign for low carbon circular economy cannot be effective if it does not have a comprehensive and compatible action across its value chain. Transportation of plastic waste with combustion engine vehicles is not compatible with climate change action. As a result, will be counter productive to the attainment of the overall goal for climate change campaign. But with the use PET electric tricycle, a clear green transportation action will be used to effectively drive the campaign thereby making all the actions across the value chain of low carbon circular economy align with the set out goals for climate change campaign. With this, the campaign will be achieved using affordable, safe and clean transportation product.



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