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The pineapple industry has had to contend with the problem of waste management as huge amounts of after harvest waste estimated at 13 million tonnes  are produced annually after every harvest and left in the farm to decompose releasing 1.8 million metric tonnes of carbon(IV)oxide and methane gases which are harmful green house gases to the environment. This problem is even more severe in developing countries like our country Kenya where small scale pineapple farmers in Central province  lack proper waste disposal methods resulting in unconventional waste management methods such as burning. Pine Kazi is an innovative and sustainable solution that solves this problem by using the leaves previously discarded by pineapple farmers to make Eco-friendly products like shoes and bags. Our cradle-to-cradle  process is simple in nature. The pineapple waste is collected from the farm, purified and converted into a soft, light and breathable textile which is given to highly talented disconnected youth in the community who craft it into a shoe and bag artwork which we sell to Environment conscious millennials . The biomass that remains after extraction of fibers from the waste is rich in nutrients and is therefore used as vermicompost by the pineapple farmers thus no product is thrown back into the environment.This way Pine Kazi manages to reduce waste in the farms and the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. The process is innovative, flexible and produces high quality products of international standards. Our solution encourages pineapple  farming communities to move from a linear model of plant, harvest and dispose to a circular model of plant, harvest and reuse. Our solution is sustainable as the raw material does not require additional environmental resources to produce. Pine Kazi not only impacts the environment but it is aligned with the 17 sustainable development goals. Our solution promotes women empowerment, gender equality, decent work and economic growth as it brings additional skills and income to the 5000 pineapple farming communities in Kenya and lastly it promotes responsible consumption and production. Our innovative solution can be scaled to all pineapple producing countries around the world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Philippines, Tanzania etc



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