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Idea behind our project is simple: we want to encourage more people to clean-up our planet. To do so, we created Planet Heroes – an international platform that everyone can join for free and create their own projects. The project is a voluntary action of cleaning-up any natural area from litter and waste. By taking pictures before the cleaning, “after” (with a sign #planetheroes) and shots of properly disposed rubbish, users show to others the whole process of their work. After that they publish a project to platform and others can send them financial support. This way, people motivate each other and encourage locals to do more – so far, we have projects from different parts of the world, from Australia, Kenya or India!

On March 2018, Planet Heroes got awarded as the best green start-up during UN Forum in Kenya; we also received Samsung award during OneWeek in Budapest. As founders of Planet Heroes, we don’t hide the fact that there is a commission from every donation – it’s set on the lowest rate 6,25%. We strongly believe that eco start-ups need to get profit and clients to prosper and evolve, like every other business. We slowly try to spread our idea and promote Planet Heroes worldwide.



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