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Plant-A-Million is dedicated to ending extreme hunger and poverty across Zambia and Africa at large by revitalizing degraded lands using both indigenous trees (Agroforest trees i.e. nitrogen fixing trees, fruit trees and exotic trees. This system diversifies farming systems with trees and food crops that meet subsistence needs and market opportunities. While conventional agriculture programs focus on one or few crops, our approach is rooted in diversifying each farm with many food crops and thousands of trees so farming families will be self-sufficient in their production of food, timber and non-timber forest products which will Encouraging sustainable agricultural production and preservation. Plant A Million initiative targeting to plant at least 2 billion trees by 2021 and this includes the trees to be integrated in farming areas (Agroforestry). Our initiative targets the rural areas of Zambia that are suffering greatly from deforestation which exposes the land to wind, rains there-by causing erosion and making the soil less fertile. Zambia is losing 0.6% of her native, ‘wild’ trees per year to illegal cutting – either for the unlicensed production of charcoal or the cutting of native Zambian hardwood trees for export. Zambia is currently experiencing a deforestation rate of 276,000 ha per year representing a loss of over 100 million trees.



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