Plastic 2 Build (P2B)

About Solution

The Solution tackles 3 social issues Plastic Pollution, Job and wealth Creation, Low cost Housing by a single affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable impact action.

Plastic Pollution:

  • Plastic is classified as a resource rather than a burden.
  • The technology can utilize all types of plastics apart from PVC, even the single use items that were classified as non-recyclables can be used.
  • Technology is modular and can handlemodular and can handle 3, 6, 10 tons/hr plastic waste with minimal power requirements compared to traditional recycling technology that require both high power and water.
  • Technology is environmentally friendly with emission control apparatus in place in the event there any leaks.
  • Increase in demand for plastic waste as there is an OFFTAKE market.
  • Plastic will be diverted from dumpsites and less into gutters, backyards, rivers and ocean.

Job/Wealth Creation:

As demand for plastic waste increases there is an opportunity for poor households and youths to collect plastic waste to earn a living.

Upgrading of Slum Dwelling

Affordable building Materials as Plastic replaces Cement as binding material in Blocks, roof tiles, concrete beams, slabs and pillars.



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