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Conventional plastics are made from oil. They cause pollution and stay in the environment for up to 1000 years! Basically, all of the plastics that has ever been made STILL EXISTS today.

Plastic cause many environmental problems including:

Every year, 2-billion-tons-of-CO2 emission are caused just because of plastic-production.

100,000 marine-animals and 1-million-sea-birds are killed by plastic-pollution annually.

80% of ocean plastic-pollution enters the ocean from land.

By 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish. We are on a mission to change that by turning agricultural waste to environmentally-friendly material to replace fossil-based plastics.

We are an award-winning team of researchers who have invented PlasticFri: a proprietary technology to make a material that looks and works like conventional (petroleum-based) plastics, but it is 100% biodegradable, compostable, totally non-toxic and free from any conventional plastic materials. Because we use raw materials derived from abundant, cheap and renewable plant resources, mainly coming from agricultural waste and nonedible plants. This means it contains no substances or materials that are harmful to animals or nature and can be composted in less than 90 days.

This revolutionary technology is already tested,validated and CERTIFIED by EN 13432, the toughest certification standard in Europe.

PlasticFri directly fits to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11,12,13,14,15 as-well-as indirectly to SDGs3 and 6.

Our work has received several awards including Alfred Nobel Innovation Award, Audi-Environmental-Foundation-Scholarship, Climate-Innovation-Exchange-award, Unilever-Social-Innovation-Challenge-on-Plastics and Norrsken-Impact-Award, the-biggest prize for impact startups in the Nordics.

The company founders have been selected by the Forbes magazine as one of the top 30 most influential entrepreneurs and are featured on the prestigious Forbes 30under30 list.

Early stage development has been supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, National-Innovation-Agency, Energy-Agency and Think-Beyond-Plastic Foundation.



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