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Plastic waste incineration can play a major role in increasing the greenhouse gas emissions that contributes directly into the global warming. According to the CIEL report, the U.S emissions from the plastic incineration in 2015 was 5.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Using landfill would be less harmful than incineration but it can also pollute the soil and water by leakage. Ploro is all about using recycled plastics to manufacture building elements that contribute in a better thermal, humidity and sound insulation of our homes and a cleaner and faster construction processes. By using the most two used plastic types (Polypropylene and Polyethylene) we managed to manufacture outdoor rooftop tiles, indoor floor tiles and hollow wall blocks that permit better insulation properties. Through gained know how and practice we have conducted a specific formula by using certain plastic additives in certain amounts to adjust the quality of our products to suit the application of construction, thus Ploro can take in recycled plastic from different sources yet the outcomes will have the same needed quality. Using Ploro products can seriously lower the percentages of incinerated plastic waste thus lowering the greenhouse gasses emissions. Also, it can lower the deliver ability of plastic waste to sea life and underground water resources. Ploro's first released product is the outdoor rooftop tiles, that has been tested by different accredited laboratories in Amman, Jordan.  



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