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Worldwide Accountability Solutions, as the main objective of generating and integrating technology-based solutions and high social and environmental impact.
Now WAS Company is the corporate 3 startups:
Polycrete by WAS Co: Development of sustainable building materials based on recycled polymer compounds: ceilings or suspended ceilings, interior and exterior partition panels, among others. With better mechanical and chemical properties and at a competitive price.
MWorks by WAS Co: Construction of decent, sustainable and affordable housing through Polycrete materials by WAS Co, with a new “lego” type construction system for low-income families.
Polycreate by WAS Co: Development and documentation of products based on recycled materials such as personal and household accessories, corporate and corporate products, interior and exterior design, among other custom designs.
These 3 startups work together making a circular economy and sustainable impact: economic, social and environmental.
Our main focus is MWorks, where we are starting the construction of decent, sustainable and affordable housing for low-income families through our empowerment of communities. We will not give away homes, we will teach families how to obtain a home through the exchange of collected plastics, that is, we teach them how to collect and divide, we pay them kg of material, and we transform the construction material with a new lego type construction design to make time and costs efficient, reduce costs up to 60% and be able to build the house for 2 to 5 days.
The main properties of the material and housing are:

High resistance to compression and tension

Non-flammable, does not spread the fire (it works from the chemical mixture of polymers, minerals and other additives; own patents)

High temperature resistance (-148 Fº to 554 Fº)

It is 100% recycled, and 100% is recycled again.

Thermoacoustic (Cold, heat and sound insulation)

Highly resistant to earthquakes.
Economic Impact:

You reduce construction times to government, businesses and families.

You reduce material and logistics expenses.

We generate decent jobs, increasing the income of vulnerable families to 30%.

Reduction of government expenses in cleaning garbage from streets, rivers and seas.

We generate money between different companies involved in the collection, recycling, transformation and construction.

Among others.
Social Impact:

Families get a basic need for every human being (a decent home)

We generate family and personal well-being.

We improve the health of the families in the community.

We generate greater life expectancy for children, youth and adults.
Environment Impact:

For each house we recycle 2.5 tons of plastics (PET, PP, HDPE)
> There are 125,000 plastic bottles
> It is equivalent to eliminating 166 m3 of the oceans.

We reduce 21 tons of CO2 (replacing the use of conventional building materials that pollute)

We reduce the use of 35 tons of water per home compared to conventional construction.



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