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Since Voited is an agro-producer company situated in the south-western part of Nigeria, production of 100% quality honey will never be a problem. Also, with the high demand in the market and with on-going alliance with Agricultural Development Programme, selling honey at a reduced price than market price will not be a problem. Our products and services includes; Power Honey, Wax products (Wax and Candle), Bee colony. This will include Training and farm pollination. Our market intersects two Nigerian major sectors: the agricultural sector and the health sector.

The Potential markets of Voited are Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetologists and Nutritionists companies and individuals. we aim at providing a trusted and indispensable honey which will making life easier and meaningful to all categories of human through consumption of pure, undiluted and unadulterated honey which is pocket friendly. We shall continue to give 99.99% healthy, undiluted and unadulterated POWER HONEY which is pocket friendly to the society..



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