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3 billion people cook their daily meals burning biomass fuels like wood, dung, or charcoal, on open fires or ancient stove configurations that are wasteful and dangerous for their health and safety. Stove users, mostly women, are exposed to harmful indoor air pollution, which kills around 4 million worldwide every year. Unsustainable collection of firewood and other biomass leads to deforestation and land degradation, and important carbon emission.

Prakti air is a unique low-cost stove module that can fit any existing biomass cookstoves, even a traditional mud stove, and improves airflow performance, eliminating smoke and particles (95% reduction), reducing fuel consumption by 66%, reducing significantly cooking time, without any negative impact on the usability of current stove.

This appropriate technology is not only cheaper than competition stoves; it is also much more durable (5 years), and much simpler to produce (much less components), and much easier last mile distribution (small volume, less weight).

Our unique innovation model is based on integrating end-users’ feedback in our design processes, working with local women cooks, women’s groups and/or development/humanitarian organisations, for reiteration of prototype field testing and conduct detailed acceptance surveys.

We have also invested in cutting-edge R&D and built long-term partnerships with leading universities to test different materials and airflow designs, to reduce costs while improving energy efficiency and manufacturability.

Each stove module reduces up to 22 tons CO2 emission per year compared to traditional stove. Scaling up Prakti air through partnerships with humanitarian organizations and mass Base of the pyramid marketing (biomass fuel-saving where firewood is scarce and expensive) would lead to significant reduction of carbon emissions and deforestation.



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