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The formula is simple. Explore highly sustainable projects, products, and services in your local region. If you are convinced with a product or a service that you see, you are one click away from connecting with its provider. Want a share of the platform's profit? Contribute or invest (even if lightly) to projects that trigger your excitement. There is no minimum expectations towards your contribution. In fact, the maximum expectations for full benefit is 4+hrs/week or $60+ per week. If you are a sustainable service or product provider, you can earn a share by offering your product or service for free on the same logic! Earn a share of the profit that you can re-invest in the project of your selection, even if it is your own! If your mission is to build a future of local self-sustainability, you are a partner of the network.

PraxEco is a crowd-led crowd-funded network that behaves like a living organism. It feeds off engagement of partners, even when minimal. PraxEco fosters creative and sustainable innovation through facilitating the cross-pollination of diverse experts and investors. It is an open network that pools partners and resources towards co-founding and co-funding of innovative and highly sustainable ideas and projects. The goal of this collaboration is to co-create a strategic web of multi-disciplinary organizations that focus on the basics: eliminating wastes, producing and eating healthy food, and enjoying fun livelihood.



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